Coach Spotlight – Darryl Hall

Coach Spotlight: Darryl Hall coaches in all three of our leagues at FBCL beginning in 2011. He coaches both of his sons in Flag Football, Soccer, and Basketball and serves on the Laurel Upward Sports Commissioners leadership team.

Darryl loves Upward Sports because of the opportunity to coach players of all skill levels, teaching them the fundamentals of the game. He also enjoys teaching them life lessons while focusing on Christ.

Favorite sports player – Magic Johnson because he made it a priority to get all of his teammates involved in the game and played any position his coach needed him to play on any given day.

Favorite all-time coach – Joe Gibbs. Darryl on Coach Gibbs: “He didn’t have a lot of fancy and trick plays.  He told his team to line up and force the opponent to stop us regardless of rather or not they know what plays we are running.  And most importantly Coach Gibbs was a man of deep faith that carried over to the character of players he had on his teams.”

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