Coach Spotlight – Sherman Gray

Sherman Gray has coached Upward Basketball since 2010. He has coached both his son and daughter and often volunteers to take on a second team with no relatives. Recently, Coach Sherman was awarded the job of Head Coach for the Bethel Christian Academy middle school boys basketball team! Congratulations Sherman!

What he loves about Upward Sports:

  • Being able to share the love of Jesus Christ through sports. His favorite aspect each week are the devotionals during practice.
  • Athletes of all levels can compete and find it competitive for their skill level.

Sherman’s favorite all-time favorite player: Michael Jordan because his will to win, and his ability to make everyone around him better.

Coaches That inspire Sherman:

  • John Thompson from Georgetown. He built not only a great program, but he prepared his players for success off the court.
  • Sherman’s J.V. Football coach in high school, Wally Isham. He told us that he would be our coach for life, and he’s lived up to that today.

Thank you, Coach Sherman, for investing in young athletes at Laurel Upward!

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